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Equal – not equal

We Europeans are justifiably proud of the openness of our societies. This promotes diversity. You can see it in towns like Paris, and re-experience it every day. Today, it is no longer only age, gender and occupation which define a person and their place in society. One's own origin, or that of their ancestors and beliefs (or non-beliefs), sexual orientation and other aspects bring many colours and shades into our lives. However, for a society like the French one, diversity is merely a matter of chance and benefits if the old revolutionary principle of equality unequivocally applies on the other side – equality in the eyes of the law, or equality of opportunity in terms of having a good education or individual realisation. It cannot be doubted that each generation must redefine for itself how and by what means the diversity of people encompasses itself and translates into a positive interaction which offers everyone participation and development opportunities. Whether or not this promise is honoured always and everywhere in today's France remains undecided (allegedly).
The promise of equality in society corresponds with the basic conditions of our own humanity. All differences and superficial inequalities aside, we are all human beings. This also includes illness and reliance on the care and help provided by others. Treatment of the needy is itself a sign of how a society defines the term equality, and how serious it is to them as a result of the same. Yes, we are different. Yes, we are unequal. And we are proud of the diversity which we can experience. This is something that people want to see in my photos. At the same time, the sick and the needy rely on the promise of equality.

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